Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More new flowers

Here's a new peony that opened yesterday and another one of the clematis in bloom. We have at least 6 clematis, maybe 7. I've lost count!

Lakers won last night - what a nail biter! Even though we were both exhausted, we stayed up till almost midnight to see the finish. Fortunately Bodhi let us sleep in.

Studio time came to a halt when Karen needed my input with the weeding and I wound up working with her for a few hours. We got enough weeding done for her to apply 15 bags of mulch. I did get enough studio time to get the temmoku and yellow salt glazes mixed and sieved and glazed some pots. Today I'll mix the Oribe and continue decorating.

They've changed the 3 day weather forecast and no rain is expected till Saturday, so hopefully Karen will be able to finish up the weeding and mulching and maybe even get some things planted for me. Sunday is the next planting/transplanting day according to the Farmers Almanac so if there are some clear skies in between the scattered thunderstorms that are predicted, I might be able to get some things planted. It's mostly small stuff that needs planting now and that should go very fast once I get started.

I didn't start any bread last night, since I had enough leftover from the cheese fondue; and I'll make garlic bread with that for tonight's gumbo.

Till later,


  1. i wish the 6'ers could win like the lakers woould. You love to cook like i do and i'm just one person. LOL

  2. Very nice!! Flowers are most beautiful and favorite!! I like flower decoration...