Monday, May 11, 2009

Blooming Irises

Here are some of the irises that are currently blooming. If it weren't raining I'd take pictures of some of the others. There are other groups of yellow, deep purpose, and purple and gold, throughout the garden - just beautiful.

By 6:30 this morning I was at Spruce Pine Hospital for routine blood work, then some grocery shopping, breakfast out and home to start on some chicken, andouille and shrimp gumbo. I made a big pot of it, so some will go in the freezer for another day or two.

I want to make some fried corn bread to go with it. I had fried cornbread for the first time two days ago at Michael Klines party and it was delicious, so I have to dig up a recipe. Maybe you just fry regular corn bread batter?? I'll have to go to the repository of all knowledge - Google, to find out!

Yesterday was split between supervising some of the garden work and doing some slipping of a couple of pots and starting to load the bisque kiln. It's 90% loaded, so I'm hoping to get out there later and finish loading and turn it on.

It's supposed to be nice tomorrow so I may get to plant some of my veggies. I have squash, cucumbers, melons, peppers, basil and more tomato plants to get in. The ground may still be too cold and too wet to plant beans and corn, so I think I'll wait a bit on those.

Jim picked up another bale of straw today and will get a couple more tomorrow, so we can continue to mulch the vegetable beds that have been weeded and planted. It's all, slowly starting to come together.

Till later,


  1. right now my house roses are growing fast but my cosmos are slowly but surly. now i got lilly of the valley growing allot. Do you know the name of the plant that is green leaves with white edges they are so pretty and i want to plant them near my house.

  2. Sounds like it may be a grouncover. Google groundcovers in the pictures view.