Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Glazing and more glazing

Here are some of the pots I've already decorated. Most of my day was spent glazing. At this rate, I think it will take at least another full day to finish this phase.

My garden helper Karen got here late morning and continued with weeding and mulching and I had her clear another section and plant another 8 tomatoes. While dinner was cooking I got some wood ash from the studio and sprinkled it around the base of all 26 tomato plants. It's supposed to be a deterrent to the slugs and snails. Hopefully this will do the trick. I can't believe how many slugs and snails we have this year. Guess they love all this rain we've been having! The little suckers have already killed 4 of my tomato plants and some lettuce and bunnies have eaten most of the row of lettuce and as of yesterday there were only two leaf lettuces left, so I need to replant. Problem is the blood meal I use as a bunny and deer deterrent has to be reapplied after the rain and all we've had is rain, so I haven't been applying it regularly.

After dinner I got another hour of studio time and then came in to watch the American Idol final. I had never seen it before and figured this would be a good time to check it out. They certainly put on a good show! It was like watching the Grammy's with all the music superstars. Jim said that the fellow who came in second will have the better career and I think he's right.

Jim will be making another mulch run after breakfast and another one this afternoon. That should give Karen enough to finish the mulching today and tomorrow. I'll be in the studio all day other than giving Karen the next "to do" instructions and making us all green smoothies for lunch. Jim is picking up Chinese food for dinner so I get a cooking break tonight.

Till later,

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