Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another clematis in bloom

This clematis against my gallery is blooming, and very abundantly! This deep red looks great against the dark green of the gallery.

The second planting of snow pea pods are up so I need to put down more blood meal to keep the bunnies away. There was a big, fat, cotton tail right near that area when I took Bodhi out at 6:30 yesterday morning. He's probably the one who ate the first crop as well as more than half my lettuce and a few other things! The feral cat we feed doesn't seem interested in earning her keep!:-( Bodhi would chase the bunny, to the next county if we let him. Problem is, he'd have a hard time finding his way back home, which is why we always walk him on a leash.

Yesterday I got about two and a half hours in the garden before the rain started again. Something had eaten half my sweet potato plants and I found a guilty slug on one of my almost dead, squash plants. He is now in slug heaven. I never mind sharing; but I don't tolerate total decimation very well. I guess I'm going to have to set some beer out to catch the culprits. Trouble is, with all the rain, it might water the beer down so much that it won't attract them.

It started to rain again, so I took my 12 almond lunch break, watched the French open for a short while and then went out and spent another hour and half in the garden before getting ready for a couple of hours of partying at our friend Shane's barbecue.

There were a lot of kids and dogs running around having a great time, lots to eat and a lot of good company. Even the weather cooperated and rain stopped the whole time we were there.

Today I'll be gluing wads on pots and redoing the kiln bag wall. I don't think I'll try to load today. At my old age I'm learning to spread out these pre-firing chores to save my energy for the firing.

Tonight is pizza night. It's the first time I'm making it with pizza dough that I've frozen. I'm not sure how long it will take to defrost, so I'm going to take it out after breakfast and hope the timing will be right for an early dinner.

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