Saturday, May 09, 2009

Michael Kline's new studio opening party

We partied at Michael Kline's studio opening gala last night - great food, good conversation and all around great time. Here are some of the pictures of Jim and Edwina Bringle, Michael's new gallery space and his wood kiln which he just loaded and will be firing today or tomorrow.
Yesterday I wound up doing what I said I wouldn't do - work in the garden. The rain stayed away, so my helper Karin came and I had to get her started on the garden chores and wound up getting right in there with her.
I dug up a scuppermong grape vine which took quite a while. It's a good thing it was only in that spot a year or I don't think I would have been able to get it out! Together, we planted 6 raspberry plants, three thornless blackberries and two grape vines.
I also dug up a couple of volunteer potato plants and transplanted them along with some leek and swiss chard. We both did a bunch of weeding and I put down 4 bags of mulch.
Overnight I lost 4 of the tomatoes I planted the day before. Karen said snails were the culprits.I'm going to put out some beer to atrract them and hand pick at night when it's not raining. I don't mind them eating some leaves but when they destroy the whole plant they are going to heaven! We seems to have a huge snail population this year. I'm wondering if all the rain we're having is causing this population explosion. I got some good info from google on how to stop these critters - copper, wood ash, oak or cedar wood chips,etc.
The rain started at 2:30 ending our garden time which was fine because I had to get in and feed some sourdough starter that I was giving to Michael.
Looks like we're having a dry morning; but I am DEFINITELY not gardening this morning. I've got to finish dipping pots and want to make a roast chicken dinner tonight. I don't like to go out on Mothers day and prefer cooking at home. We had my mothers day dinner out already.

Till later,


  1. pots look beautiful... too bad about the 'maters

  2. Thanks for everything June!

  3. Wow the pots look great and your husband must be running allot he looks great since card sharks.