Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another rainy morning - more garden blooms

Here are few photos of plants currently in bloom. The photos don't do them justice, but if you click on them, you'll get a larger, better view. The first one is a verbascum, followed by the blue flax and then the yellow and white Siberian Iris.
Two peonies opened yesterday as well as another clematis and one of my old fashioned climbing roses; but the rain came before I could get out and take some pictures of them and it's raining again this morning.
Later this afternoon I have to cover some of my freshly planted basil and pepper plants with remay. It's going down to 39 tonight and these plants prefer temperatures in the mid 40's at least, or they get stressed. I'll leave the remay on for a few days, because it's going down to 36 or lower in another day or two. Every day for the past three days, they've kept lowering the projected night time temperatures.
I use and you can get your local area weather for up to ten days ago and even get an hourly forecast for the current day or more.
I got a couple of glazes mixed yesterday and lined a bunch of pots. The second bisque hadn't cooled enough to unload, so I'll do that this morning and continue with glazing.
My intent was to continue working after dinner, but by then I was too tired, so I just went back to the studio to cover the next group of pots I had lined up for glazing, opened the lid of the bisque kiln for a peek and closed up shop for the night. We watched one of our Netfix movies followed by the Brit coms. For as tired as I was earlier, I wound up staing up till 1 am cleaning a lof of files on my computer.
The 7th game of the Lakers series starts at 3:30 so I'll be working, and watching, but mostly listening. Dinner will be my quick linguini with clam sauce. I was going to do pizza today, but I need all the extra studio time to accomplish what I want today; and the linguini with clam sauce is a quick and easy favorite of ours.
If the rain lets up at some point, I'll try to take more photos of the garden. With this almost constant rain we've been having for weeks, maybe I should start researching Ark plans!


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