Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green ash glazed mug

Here's another of the large mugs in my collection. This one has a handle that is a bit of overkill, but in spite of that, it works.

Although I didn't have gardening on my schedule yesterday, and planned a whole day in the studio, as often happens it turned out to be one of those "man plans, God laughs days". I told Jim that I've had way too many of those days lately!

Our stone contractor, Chris Boone called and said he would be coming out around 12:30and although Jim thought he was only coming to go over the planned work, his crew showed up an hour earlier, which made me think they might intend to continue the project that was started last fall. So I finished the pot I was throwing, went into action, grabbed my shovel out of the pottting shed and headed down to the terraced gardens to dig out some well entrenched perennials and a small shrub that were in one of the terraces where they're raising stone walls and filling them in with more soil.

Just as I finished digging up the plants and doing a bit of weeding, Chris arrived and we had to go over the plans for the rest of the stone work and some ideas he had for my Japanese fountain. If this morning's rain forecast doesn't stop them, the crew may be back today with another couple of tons of stone and a truckload of top soil. I still have 2 grape vines to dig out of one of the terraces which I hope I can get to this afternoon. I hope those roots aren't too deep after a season of growth.

After our meeting, I headed back to the studio and threw a few things more things before I had to come in and start on dinner. I was able to get back out to the studio after dinner and work for about another hour and a half. It definitely felt good to finally be able to feel well enough to get my body working again!

I'm a bit achy this morning and hope a nice long, hot shower will ease these achy muscles. We're having beans and cornbread tonight, so I think I'll get started early on dinner so I can work uninterrupted till dinner time. I'm finding that starting some dinner prep early rather than doing it at the end of the work day is better for my energy level and gets dinner on the table early!

Till later,

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