Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lorraine Herman porcelain box

Here's a sweet little porcelain box from my collection. This was made in the 70's by Canadian potter Lorraine Herman.

Yesterday's play day went well. We drove up to Banner Elk, did some wine and grocery shopping (Lowe's food had a great sale on wine, so much that Jim bought 18 bottles!) :-) My favorite nursery isn't open yet, but it looks like they're starting to get ready.

We had a lunch of steamed mussels in a tomato based, spicy sauce and brought home one of their pizzas for dinner, so I didn't have to cook.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening trying to decide on a new computer and the funniest thing is that this sick laptop worked fine for 8 hours, without one blue screen of death. Jim said that my threatening to buy a new one scared it into behaving! LOL

This morning I have an early doctors appointment in Burnsville, one the way home we have to stop at Walmart and the local food store to pick up a few more things. Other than watering seedlings, which will be my gardening chore of the day, I doubt that there will be much if any studio time today, other than filing some papers and some tidying.

Tonight's a cooking night - lamb chops and caesar salad (Jim's favorite), so I'll only get a couple of hours in the studio before I start on our usual, early dinner.

Till later,


  1. I had pizza and a caesar salad last night and today ihad chinese for lunch which held me up to dinner.LOL Today i had a green thumb, My ex boy friend gave me a Jade tree plant and i re-planted my roses in a big pot, put in my cosmos in a potted plant and strip of some type of flower seeds and i use some new product called Terracycle plant food made from liquified worm poop and the container is a recycled soda bottle collected by students from Princeton U. You use it once a week and water as usual. imangine Worm poop liquidifed Yuck. I bet you have to look thru a microscope for that. LOL

  2. by the way that is a cuute box. i wish i can get one like that.