Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ellen Shankin Jar

Here's a beautiful jar from my collection by Ellen Shankin. She is a member of 16 hands - a group of very talented potters in Virginia. You can google the group and see the wonderful work of all of its members.

After hours of cruising the net and reading computer reviews, I finally made my choice - another Dell XPS. This time I got the 4 year insurance. The up side is that for the same price of the last one I got much more ram (4gigs) and much larger hard drive (500gig and a few other goodies like Blue tooth, wireless mouse and keyboard. It's due around April 10th, so I'll have to learn Vista which I'm not thrilled about and if the new Windows 7 winds up superior, which early reports are saying, then I might have that installed eventually. The other down side is that I might have to eventually replace some of my software for these new Windows operating systems.

The morning started before 5am with Shanti having another pee accident on the bedroom floor. After I cleaned it up and got him out to make sure he was empty, I was actually able to get back to sleep for an hour. Needless to say, Jim is heading to Walmart after breakfast to purchase doggie diapers! On top of the lack of bladder control,since yesterday he hasn't been able to keep down any food. We're feeling pretty sad about the possibility of losing our beloved Shanti.

Three yearling deer are in the garden now. Does kick their yearlings out around this time of year, before giving birth again, and the poor dears always look a bit confused, trying to adjust to their newly forced independence.

It's planting day according to my Farmers Almanac so after breakfast I'll be planting some veggie and flower seeds. Some earlier tomatoes and peppers didn't sprout - possibly because the basement wasn't warm enough, so this time I'm putting them in the south facing window in my warm office.

We're waiting for a call back from the vet, so I'm not sure how the rest of our day is going to unfold.

Till later,

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  1. Poor Shanti . i'm checking on my roses and a few died and one new one is coming up. The jade plant is coming along too.