Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oribe wood and soda fired Yunomi

Here is one of my Yunomis. It's Oribe glaze over #6 tile slip, wood fired with soda.

Yesterday was as I expected - no time for much else but the vets, a short food shopping trip, cooking and dealing with the computer. Shanti, our elderly Lhasa Apso is back on antibiotics for either the start of a bladder infection or the advancing stages of Cushing's disease. The vet also upped his Cushing's medicine. The poor dear has lost so much of his beautiful coat from this disease; but the saving grace is that he doesn't seem to be in pain. His appetite is good and he has gotten a bit perkier since he's been on the medication for Cushings. Hopefully the antibiotics will take care of all the pee accidents I've had to clean up the past couple of days. With all these non expected activities, I keep holding the thought that I WILL get to the studio eventually. Actually, I got in there yesterday to put some things away, change grow lights (3 had blown), and retrieve some glaze books I needed for some glaze noting I did last night.

We finally have a non-rainy morning! The contractor has already called and they'll be setting up the cold frame today! I'll probably get out there when they arrive and see if there's any planting I can do when it warms up a bit. I'm sure the soil is going to be pretty wet after a few rainy days. With friends coming over for a St Patrick's day corned beef and cabbage dinner there won't be much time for the garden even if the soil is workable. I'll probably only get to plant a few tulip bulbs which are still in the bag and sprouting and maybe pull a few weeds, if I'm lucky.

The computer woes continue. Just when I thought I had somehow solved the blue screen of death, I got it repeatedly after trying to download an updated version of my anti-spam software. I finally gave up and stopped the software from loading at start up and that seems to have fixed it to a certain degree. That software as well as the anti virus software expires in a couple of weeks so I may try the new Norton which has gotten good reviews. The hard drive is badly damaged and I just don't think the computer is worth repairing since it's making other ungodly sounds at times,after which a white screen appears and the computer shuts off.

Waiting for all these computer re-boots for days, has given me plenty of time to go through months of magazines as well as dealing with a lot of other paperwork and email cleaning,so it's been a productive, although frustrating time.

Till later,


  1. beautiful yunomi... sorry to hear of dog troubles, got some myself and the incontinence can be trying but after all the years of unconditional love, it's a small price to pay

  2. time to get get a new computer huh? I'm having corn beef and cabbage as well.

  3. Thanks Jim! Agree - these little furry friends are worth every bit of time and money. It's so hard to see them aging and not doing well. Fortunately, he's not in pain - still eats like a little glutton!

  4. I don't know what your house smells like right now, but I think the whole neighborhood can smell this corned beef cooking! LOL
    The recipe I use has 6 onion, lots of garlic, bay leaves, parsley, sliced lemon, etc. I'm getting hungry! LOL

    I also cook two so there's leftovers for another dinner or corned beef hash.

  5. You send your corned beef hash ( I love Hash fried with eggs) and i'll send my fried cabbage with Mrs. Dash Garlic seasoning salt pepper and onions, and Summer squash with butter. And of course Potatoes. LOL My Vent is on full blast! & My cat is sending her friends over. LOL