Sunday, March 22, 2009

LeAnne Ash jar

Shanti, our older, somewhat incontinent dog, woke me at 5 AM this morning and after I took him out I wasn't able to get back to sleep, so I using this time to get my email and blog done early.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, that even though this flu bug is still hanging on, I was able to get into the garden after lunch and worked till 5:30. I got a couple of beds weeded, planted around 75 red and white onions and a row of potatoes, got it all watered in and came in and made dinner. I was soooo tired afterwards but felt so good at the same time. There's something about sitting on the earth and getting my hands in the soil that is very healing for me.

We watched the finals tennis from Indian Wells and I fell asleep midway in the woman's final which Jim had taped for me.

Since this is a no planting day according to the Farmers Alamanac, which I'm trying to follow this year, we're going to make it a play day and have lunch out and do some food and wine shopping. I'm hoping one of my favorite nurseries is open for the season so I can pick up some more veggie starts.

My peonies are starting to come up and the whole garden seems to be coming alive with these couple of warm, sunny days.

Till later,


  1. I hope Shanti is doing well.I had a bit of a pet problem of my own yesterday my cat precious started throwing up her food because she either ate to fast of her stomach is very sensitive to something.
    As for my flowers i have new babies coming up little at a time. I'm thinking on putting in my cosmos seeds some time next week when the weather warms up.

  2. Shanti threw up yesterday too! He sometimes does that a day or so before an earthquake within several hundred miles; or at least that's what he did when we lived on the west coast. Or maybe he caught this bug I've been fighting - like he doesn't have enough on his plate right now!