Friday, March 06, 2009

Craig Martell porcelain bowl

Here's another Craig Martell piece. I purchased this bowl at the Oregon potters spring sale in the early to mid 90's. It represents the beginning of what became his later more controlled, decorating technique. At another time I'll post a couple of his pieces that were created a few years later. I'll have to find time to take more photos of more pots.
Wound up staying home yesterday afternoon instead of touching base with John and delivering the test tiles. I had to be here because of some construction problems and needed to make sure they were corrected; and Jim was totally wiped after getting back from our shopping trip and wound up taking a long nap.
I got some of my organic planting mix at Walmart, for transplanting some of my veggie seedlings and some bagged perennials and onion starts. The local hardware store had their delivery of potato seeds and I bought 6 lbs of Kennebecs. Hopefully I'll be able to plant them in the next week or so. Once I get those planted I'll get some Red Pontiac potato seeds and maybe some Yukon Golds or Yellow Finns to try.
When we got home they contractors were here and had finished laying the bathroom floor. There was a fit problem with the vanity which we're still working and a few other little glitches to deal with. After putting away the groceries I went down to the basement to water seedlings and saw that one of the begonia bulbs I was over wintering was sprouting, so I go all of them planted and then spent a little time in the garden doing a bit of weeding and cleanup; but there's a great deal more to do when I have the energy and time. I also removed everything from the kitchen greenhouse window and cleaned it and put the plants outside for the day and brought them back in after dinner. Jim washed the inside of the window where I couldn't reach and that did not help his back!
I think I've caught whatever bug Jim's been fighting the past few days. Either that, or the one I have a few weeks ago has come around again. :-(. Last night I had chills and this morning my throat is scratchy, glands swollen and still having chills. Oh joy! I'll load up on the vitamins again and try to get outside when it warms up and get some sun.
If I perk up I'll try to do a bit of garden work on this mid 60's day we're expecting. At this moment, I feel like I just want to be a couch potato; but I have to water my seedlings and get the lettuce and leek seedlings outside for the day. It's going to be warm enough overnight for the next six days so they'll be able to stay out as long as the nights stay above freezing.It was 30F this morning. It wasn't supposed to get that low and I left the cabbage, broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts out; but they seem to have survived.
This morning we got a good laugh about how these old bodies of ours go from one ache and pain to another. You gotta laugh!

Till later,


  1. really nice bowl june

  2. This is really nice blog post..its really beautiful, Craig Martell porcelain bowl...
    Handmade ceramics pottery

  3. It's nice you love to plant flowers and veggies, I'm going to grow cosmos soon since i just moved in the house in November this spring i'll get started raking the leaves and stuff.

  4. Cosmos are my favorite annual. I love the way they dance in the wind. I like bachelor buttons for the same reason.
    I'll be starting mine soon. Every year I get a few volunteer cosmos and just dig them up and move them if needed.

  5. I'm trying to get back in touch with Craig Martell. Does anyone have an email address for him? Website? Anything? I'm a customer of his and need to order a new piece. Please pass this along if possible. Thanks!
    --Scott Fitzgerrell

  6. Craig and Linda live in Salem Oregon. I'm think you may be able to find a phone number searching the White pages for that area on Google.