Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gordon Ramsay and our grandson Brandon

Here's a photo of our grandson Brandon with Gordon Ramsay during the taping of his show "Hell's Kitchen". Gordon is our son Sean's client, so our grandson was privileged to have Gordon cook and serve him Steak Diane yesterday! Lucky boy!

We had steak as well, cooked by our good friend Jim and those rib eyes were huge and cooked perfectly on the grill. They were so big we brought home the leftovers and will have them sliced cold for tomorrow dinner, along with a salad and maybe with rosemary, garlic, roasted potatoes. It was a fun night with good friends.

I got a bunch more test glazes and slips batched and on to tiles yesterday. Today, the Farmers Almanac tells me is a good day for seed starting, so after our bagel, smoked salmon and cream cheese Sunday breakfast I'll spent some time planting tomato and peppers seeds and then get to the studio to batch more glazes and slips.

We're expecting a bit of snow later today or tonight but you wouldn't know it right now. It's pretty balmy out there.

Till later,


  1. Can you tell us any more about your hell's Kitchen Experience??

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  3. Right now we are expecting 12+ inches here in jersey. And i have already put down allot of salt in my driveway. It won't stop until Monday afternoon. OUCH!! I missed the last episode of Hell's Kitchen. Your grandson is lucky. he looks like his grandfather. Mostly people say the grandchildren look like their grandparents, i was told i looked like my grandfather.

  4. It wasn't my experience - just my son and grandsons. Gordon cooked Steak Diane and cut it and served it to our grandson. As I said - lucky boy!
    We had 4" of snow overnight and it's beautiful - just enough to be pretty but not too much to deal with!

  5. What does your son do to have such a great chef as a client??