Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ruggles and Rankin wood/soda bowl

Here's another wood/soda fired bowl from Ruggles and Rankin.

Yesterday I spent all morning re-potting seedlings. The afternoon was spent in the studio batching and applying more soda slips and glazes. I have over 50 tests of slips and glazes ready to go with more to make this morning. I worked till 8:30 last night and will get a bit more done some time today.

I have to drop this current batch of tiles off at John Britt's studio for his cone 6 soda test firing this afternoon, do grocery and other shopping and have our big meal of the day at the buffet. Dinner will probably just be some popcorn while I work on glaze chemistry.

Till later,


  1. No popcorn for you lady fix a quick soup to cold for popcorn. LOL

  2. I like the bowl. How long does it take to make bowls and other pottery like that?

  3. Throwing doesn't take long at all; but it's all the other things that take time, like wedging clay, throwing, trimming, making slips and glazing, dipping pots in glaze or slip or both, waxing pots, decorating, loading , unloading kilns and firing the kiln, cleaning kiln shelves, sanding pots, etc. etc.