Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Faceted copper green bottle

We bought this elegant, ovoid, faceted, oxidation fired, copper green bottle ten years ago at the Oregon Potters Ass spring sale. I think the signature says "Yhadi, or Shadi???" If anyone knows which of either of these names is correct, let me know.

Yesterday we were busy driving dogs back and forth to the groomers in Micaville, grocery shopping, temporarily potting the bare rooted asparagus and bleeding heart perennial that arrived ,cooking and watering seedlings. It's been so cold that the leftover bag of potting mix was frozen and I had to chip away to loosen it.

There wasn't any time to do the seedling transplanting I had planned. I think what I need is a wife - you know, one of those people who plans menus, grocery shops, darns, mends, cooks, cleans, plans, plants and maintains gardens, preserves food, supervises the construction projects, feeds the pets, etc. Then I would have more time to make pots! LOL

Today will be something of a repeat of yesterday - breakfast out, a Walmart run for a few grocery fill ins that Ingles didn't have, and potting mix and potting soil for the seedling transplanting and outdoor planting I'm going to try to get done the next few days before the rains come. If John is in his studio this afternoon, I'll deliver the finished test tiles.

I'm not sure it's going to be warm enough for me to start digging the trench for the permanent asparagus bed. That may have to wait till tomorrow when it is going to be in the 60's. If I put it off, then I'll try to get in some studio time before I have to start tonight's dinner - simple grilled salmon, baked potatoes and fresh spinach or asparagus.

Till later,

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  1. Stop your making my hungry!!!! LOL I'll take the job for wife even thou i'm single. LOL It's a shame i'm so far away.