Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New Cold Frame

Here's the new cold frame. They did a great job with it. We're expecting freezing or close to freezing temperatures in a few days, so it will come in handy for all those seedlings I'm hardening off.

Yesterday was one very busy day! Around 8:30am we got a call from our contractor and friend, Jim, that his workers would be over soon to put together and install the new cold frame. It was so beautiful and warm that I was out in the garden planting and weeding right after breakfast. I got 15 pansies planted in a couple of beds and then planted a bunch more pansies in a new, large, round planter for the outdoor table. I weeded one of the flower beds and got the seedlings and newly planted things watered. By that time it was around one o'clock so I came in and grabbed an apple and a couple of almonds for lunch and started on the corned beef and cabbage dinner.

We had a lovely dinner with our good friends Jim and Laura. I made two corned beefs so we have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. Tonight I'll make linguini and clam sauce to break up meat meals. We had Irish coffee and hazelnut, chocolate, cookies for dessert while we watched our DVD of "The Three Irish Tenors". I was concerned that the coffee might keep me awake since I'm not a coffee drinker; but I guess the whiskey in the Irish coffee balanced the caffeine, because I had no trouble getting to sleep; but Jim, the coffee drinker had a bad night, so I guess the coffee, which he's not used to drinking at night, affected him.

I woke with feeling fluish again. Whatever bug I caught about a month ago,leaves with a couple of days of mega vitamin therapy and then seems to come back a week or ten days later. It's just a tad annoying! So I'll just get back on my vitamin therapy after breakfast.

After breakfast I'll get outside and do some more weeding. According to my new Farmers Almanac, today isn't good for planting or much else in the garden, so watering, weeding and cutting out dead tops of perennials will be the garden work of the day.

Time to make some poached eggs and get on with my day.

Till later,


  1. Tell Jim to lay off the Coffee at night. LOL I'm hoping to rake some leaves some time next week if i have the time to do it on mynext two days off. I've been driving around running errands like crazy! And my roses are doing great more are blooming as we speak.

  2. I just put up a picture of my little brother who's 13 and a real nerd LOL on my blog . Mom mom and i wish he didn't put his jacket on LOL.

  3. Good looking young man. He reminds me of Rafael Nadal, the tennis player.