Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soda fired covered jar

Since I'm still in computer hell, I'll keep posting some pictures of some of my pots which are the only ones I can access at the moment. Here's a covered jar from a recent firing.
With house guests it's difficult to find time to blog. Between company and dealing with the blue screen of death, and dinner in Asheville, the day just flew by yesterday.
My son-in-law did his magic and got past the permanent blue screen of death, but we're still getting it periodically, but now we're able to get back into Windows.
We drove to Walmart and I got a huge stand alone hard drive which I'm using it to first, back up important files. Every half hour or so the blue screen of death comes back up and I have to start over. It looks like the hard drive is dying and I'm trying to get as much off there before it finally keels over permanently!
Well, that's it for now. Time to get ready to go out to breakfast and then to do some shopping. We've decided to just hang out at home for the next two days and eat in; so I have to pick up some steaks for tonight and everything for tomorrows barbecue.
We had a great Tapas dinner at Zambras in Asheville last night but we're all ready to vegg out for the next two days before Erin and Sven head back to Germany.

Till later,

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