Monday, March 30, 2009

Carbon trap shino mug

Here's a very nice, large, comfortable, carbon trap,shino mug that I bought at the craft show in Melbourne, Florida several years ago. I like large mugs with generous handles and this one fits the bill very nicely!

Yesterday I did make it to the studio but didn't get more than a couple of pots thrown when Jim came home with another box of plants for me to deal with. This is the time of year where all the plants I ordered in the fall or early, start arriving - often at the most inopportune times! There were some bare root plants (irises, day lilies,perennial geraniums etc.)that had to get planted after lunch.

It was too cool and windy to do any more planting than necessary. The forecast says it's going to be in the high 60's Thursday, so I'll try to get some of my other planting done then.

After dinner I went back to the studio to cut off those couple of pots and do some thick slip decoration on a bowl,throw a lid for a small jar, clean my tools and call it a day.

Yesterday morning some of my cosmos seeds sprouted. Some were older seed that I was concerned about, but the south facing window in my warmer office seems to be the ideal conditions for this latest batch of seeds. This morning, some of the newly planted tomato seeds have sprouted; and I'm hopeful that the rest will also respond to the warmer, sunnier, space (I turned the upstairs heat up to 73F!)

Well, time for morning vitamins and back to the studio. I'm getting a late start after sleeping in this morning. I should get in 5 hours of work before dinner, which is leftover pork roast. Jim can preheat the oven, so I can work till 4:30, come in and make a batch of garlic/rosemary/roasted potato pieces. They only take about 30 -40 minutes in a 400F oven, and they've become our favorite potato - super healthy, no butter. I just toss them with some olive oil, very light sprinkling of cayenne,salt,about 1 large cloves of garlic per potato, sliced thin, and fresh, chopped rosemary leaves.

Till later,


  1. Your making me hungry lady LOL and i'll have Salmon for dinner along with salad and green tea ginger ale. By the way Love!! that mug shame it's only a one of a kind piece. If there were more i would get one my self. Well back to raking the leaves so i can plant my Cosmos they are growing fast LOL.

  2. This is really a beautiful mug .I love pottery collection and if i will get your mug i will put it in my collection since it looks awesome