Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hellebores blooming

Here are a couple of pictures of the Hellebores that are now blooming in my garden.

Yesterday was something of a wasted day - spent taking vitamins, drinking a lot of liquids and working on my pottery sketchbook, watering my seedlings and listening to archived Coast to Coast shows.

I sketch pots on little pieces of paper and then eventually put them in the book; and getting them into the book was long overdue. I'll probably continue that project today while catching up on my Netflix movies that have been sitting here for a couple of days. I only get two at a time and still find it difficult to find time to watch them.

I did manage to take the dogs out for a short walk, pick a few weeds (very few),and make a simple spaghetti dinner (Jim's suggestion and sauce compliments of Classico),and take these photos of the hellebores.

During the walk through the garden, Bodhi, our Jack Russell rescue dog, cleared the garden of a mole. I can't believe how quickly he heard it, stuck his nose in the soil and came up with the poor critter. What focus! I bought some organic granules to spread around the garden to repel them but haven't gotten around to applying it yet. I guess Bodhi wants to earn his keep! LOL

Shanti, our Lhasa seems to be doing well on the antibiotics - haven't had a pee accident in two days! Thank you God!

Today will be another day of quiet activity, watering seedlings and potted plants (two new tomato seedlings came up overnight), working on the sketch book and try to get some time in the studio to do some organizing if nothing else. This cold/flu bug is still hanging around but I do feel like I have more energy this morning. Dinner is already covered - leftover corned beef and cabbage.

Till later,


  1. you have awesome dogs there. And those flowers are really pretty. And you drink plenty of tea & o j . Are you going to watch any Nora roberts movies saturday on Lifetime?? I am Hoping if no one calls me to the rescue like wonder woman. LOL

  2. Hmm never thought of that i don't watch tennis much not since the williams sisters started out. I'm trying to get his sister's picture before she goes away to basic traning in the army in july. They both have the same birthday in june but she's 17. and he's 13. And both are stubbron Italian's. LOL

  3. No Nora Roberts. The college basketball playoffs are going on right now and Jim is a huge fan, so it's basketball for a while and no Nora Roberts.