Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oribe mug

Here's a lovely oribe glaze over a matt gold/orange. Unfortunately,I don't remember the makers name. We purchased this at the craft show in the civic center in Asheville a few years ago, from a young woman who had recently graduated from the John Campbell school, I believe. Like most mugs I buy, this is a generous size. Since I only allow myself 2 cups of tea a day from one tea bag, I want a big cup!

I love the movement and multi color nature of the oribe over the matt glaze on this mug. If anyone knows the maker, I'd appreciate her name.

Well, the 3 1/2 year old Dell XPS laptop finally had it's last gasp of breath last night, so now I have to get serious about getting another one. Since it's a rainy day, and I'm still on antibiotics,and avoiding the studio till this thing clears,this will be a good way to spend my time today.

Last night,I researched switching to a Macintosh laptop and got it priced, but it's several hundred dollars more expensive than the comparable Dell XPS, and the Dell has a 500 gig hard drive 180 gigs more than the Mac; and with the Mac I'd have to learn their software. Also,my Windows software would have to be replaced, so back to my research. I don't need a gaming laptop like my last one. It was more computer than necessary for my needs, so I have to see if there's another, less expensive, alternative that will fill the bill. Service and reliability and value for the money are important. Any suggestions anyone?

First thing this morning I repotted a few tomato plants into larger peat pots and got my seedlings watered and took more photos of my pottery collection for the blog.

Yesterday we stopped at Walmart on the way back from the doctor's and they were just starting to unload a plant delivery truck and I was able to get a couple of larger tomato plants to fill in my own starters, a yellow bell pepper,cilantro and a 6 pack of cauliflower. A few needed immediate transplanting to large pots which I did when we got home. Then the glass people arrived and installed the new shower door which took most of the afternoon, and then it was time to prepare dinner.

This rain is supposed to continue for several days, so gardening must wait and if these antibiotics do their job I should be able to get back to work.

Jim is bringing home Chinese takeout for dinner, so I get can this computer thing settled one way or another today.

Till later,

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