Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kevin Crowe woodfired bottle

Here's a beautiful wood fired bottle by Kevin Crowe.

After breakfast I took some more photos of my pottery collection while the computer was re-booting after yet another blue screen of death. It's been taking up most of the morning just trying to get back on numerous times to read email, do a registry clean up, etc.

I'm still dealing with this flu bug and gave in and started antibiotics this morning which will hopefully shorten the life cycle of this bug. So bug, or no bug, I'm headed for the garden later. It's sunny and warmer today, so after I have my green smoothie lunch I'm going to go out and plant some onion bulbs and maybe plant some potatoes. According to my Farmers Almanac the next good day for planting root crops is Wednesday; but rain is expected, so it's today or I'll have to wait till April 10.

Till later,


  1. Hi June,
    I have recently found your site and am enjoying it. I love the Cardew bowl and your memories of visiting his pottery that you posted a couple of days back, and that is a great Kevin Crowe bottle this post.
    I have also been having a look at your official web site and really appreciate the technical section that you have put together with glaze recipes and information. Thank you for your efforts with that, it is most helpful, and I look forward to trying some.
    Best Wishes. P.
    P.S. apologies if I have sent this twice, google seems to be acting up and I'm not sure if my first attempt got to you.

  2. That Blue Screen Of Death has got to go . I like the bottle. how many bottles have you made over the year?

  3. Thanks Peter. I've been enjoying blogging especially since I haven't been able to get much studio time lately.

  4. I'm not making large bottles, just small ones. I don't know why but when I throw anything that size range, I tend to make it a vase which seems more multi purpose; but I do like the form. Maybe I should make some. Right now I have a list of other things to make once I get over this bug and can get back in the studio.