Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love Ash glazed bottle vase

Here's a beautifully thrown, green, ash glazed piece by a Southern Oregon potter. Unfortunately there's no discernible signature on the bottom. He was a new member of Clayfolk, the S.Oregon clay group that year (1998). All I remember was that he was living and working in the Cave Junction area.

Yesterday was spent grieving and trying to recharge our batteries after a painful and draining night and morning dealing with the loss of our beloved Shanti. I took a several hour nap in the afternoon, went to bed early and slept till 7am and still feel like I need more recharging.

So today I'm going to vegg out, take care of my seedlings (the first of the newly planted ones - lacy marigolds have sprouted over night),and hopefully feel energized enough to cook the pork loin dinner I have planned.

Till later,


  1. I'm glad you and jim are doing well. man my cosmos plant is already sprouting fast! just a week ago i planted them and now WOW! i'lltry to take pictures this week and put them on my blog.

  2. I like that piece it looks like blown glass. and right now we have bad weather coming up Thunder just rolled rolled in. And my Cat is scared LOL. A scardy CAT LOL.

  3. I planted some cosmos - pink and white ones; but they haven't sprouted yet. I hope the seed is still viable.
    Fortunately, the garden always gives me a bunch of volunteers which I dig up and put where I want.

  4. don't worry they will don't give up yet. my city just had a thunderstorm but it wasn't that bad. i have never seen volunteers can you put a picture of them on you blog if you have time??

  5. If I remember. We're about 2 months away from annual volunteers showing up.