Friday, March 13, 2009

Salt glazed fish cup

This is a really nice, sturdy, salt glazed cup I purchased at a gallery/pottery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida several years ago. The only marking is a couple of initials -jr I think.

I'm back on my laptop but it looks like this hard drive is badly damaged, and dying fast. It only lets me stay on a while and then the blue screen of death pops up; but I was able to get all my documents downloaded to the new stand alone hard drive. That took all day! Now I have to decide whether to put more money into this laptop with a new hard drive or just rent or buy a cheap laptop until the new Windows 7 comes in at the end of the year.

We're going to enjoy vegging out on this cloudy, rain expected, day with our daughter and her husband. Friends are coming over tonight to join us for dinner. They're bringing Cosmopolitans and chocolates and we're supplying the burgers with all the trimmings. The family leaves tomorrow and hopefully after a day of cleaning up, I can get back to the garden if it's not raining or into the studio if it is.

Yesterday I planted a few more tomato seeds and planted more frying pepper seeds. The past couple of years I've found that I'm getting a much lower germination rate from commercial seeds. I think it's because many companies are now treating seeds so that you can's save seed and that process is actually affecting the initial germination rate. Corporate greed continues to boggle the mind!

I think I can plant my cold weather vegetable starts and peas now, as well as the onion starts and leeks I got the other day. There are also a few packs of pansies to pot and plant. If the ground isn't too wet after a few days of rain I'd like to get potatoes planted as well. Yesterday I bought some Yukon Gold seed potatoes. I'm also planting Kennebecs this year and maybe some red potatoes like Pontiac's; but Walmart didn't have that variety so I'll have to look elsewhere.

We saw the first daffodils yesterday and it looks like the forsythia is going to bursting into bloom any minute. Spring is definitely breaking through!

Till later,


  1. What a beautiful cup, too bad only initials on it. Thanks for all the information on oxide washes on your site; I am doing some experimenting with them lately.

  2. I'm getting buds too and i haven't started planting yet. I just bought a small mini rose plant they're pink and cute i hope to plant them outside this year.

  3. June If you have time, Check out my Kordana Roses in my blog.

  4. You're welcome Linda! Hope they work well for you.

  5. I love the color of that rose! So far, I think we've lost 2 rose bushes this winter. I think some critter has literally eaten the root system! Jim was walking one of our dogs yesterday and his chain got caught near one of the roses and the whole bush got pulled out and when I examined it, there were no roots even though the stems are green. This is the same condition I found on one of my climbers a couple of weeks ago - no roots - just a bulb where roots should be.
    I'm probably going to be buying and planting some new roses this spring!