Monday, March 30, 2009

Green Stoneware Manning Jar

Here's a strong vase form that we purchased around 5-6 years ago at a gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida. I don't know the full name of the maker. The signature on the pot is "Manning". Googling didn't bring forth any more information, so if anyone knows his first name, it would be nice to give him credit.

We were very impressed with the quality and volume of work in his shows.

We were pretty numb yesterday after the past couple of days, so I decided to just vegg out, read the Sunday papers, take a sea salt soak in the jaccuzzi tub, read my Gourmet magazine, and cook a nice garlic/rosemary pork roast and oven roasted potatoes dinner.

It wasn't a gardening day - too windy and cold. Today I may get some planting in if it warms up enough after lunch, otherwise I'll put it off till tomorrow. After breakfast I'm going to water water my seedlings and head to the studio, water studio plants and maybe get some work done. I'm still very tired and not feeling 100%. I have two more days to go on these antibiotics and I hope by then I'll have rebounded from this bug that I can't seem to shake.

Time to head for the studio and see if I can get the energy to do more than shuffle papers.

Till later!


  1. I have posted my pictures of my plants because i'll be busy in the morning . I like that piece you posted. And you should rest and take a break until your better or i'll send my friend The Med Tech after you LOL.

  2. Wonderful vase, I keep coming back for another look.

  3. It is a great pot and actually it, like some others I've post pictures of, looks much better in person!
    I wish I knew his full name but I googled the last name and couldn't find more of his work. He made the most amazing, huge platters. That show of his had more pots than I had ever seen in a solo showing - just an amazing volume and breadth of work.