Monday, March 09, 2009

Soda fired cruet

Here's one of my pieces from my last firing. Silly me got the background paper upside down, but due computer problem, I can't access the photos of my pot collection which are on my sick laptop.
When I turned the laptop on this morning I got the blue screen of death and every attempt to get in to the computer was to no avail, so after an hour or so I gave up and went on to watering my seedlings and spent most of the rest of the day outside gardening. I had a helper for four hours in the afternoon and we did a huge cleanup.There's still more to do, but I feel a lot better to see the progress I've made this past week.
I tried to get to my email on this old desktop but the Anti-virus software had expired so I've spend the last hour downloading new software - anti-virus and anti-spam. Then I had to remove the old anti-virus software.
Our daughter and son-in-law are coming tomorrow afternoon and I'll see if my son in law can solve the blue screen of death problem. If not I'll have to call Microsoft; but I'm not even sure they're still servicing Windows.

Till later,


  1. The background actually looks pretty cool that way. It's a very nice pot.

  2. That teapot looks so pretty. I hope the blue screen of death gets solved. Thanks for the shrimp recipe, I will sure enjoy it. I'll try to give you the Recipe for the three cheese spaghetti bake you & Jim will love it. I'll put it on my blog some time this week.

  3. Thanks! Blue screen of death isn't fixed but fortunately I have this old desktop.