Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow covered morning

We got just enough snow to be pretty and only a minor inconvenience. Jim shoveled the walkways so our little dogs could get to their first morning outing without too much discomfort, and he cleared an area where he puts out the bird food every morning. The birds just dove into the food without the usual bickering and territorial behavior they usually engage in. I guess they were too cold and too hungry to waste energy on anything but feeding!

I had to cancel my doctors appointment in Burnsville this morning. The roads haven't been cleared yet and we're not seeing any car traffic yet, so the road may be a mess.

Yesterday I took a break from the studio since I had to start tomato and pepper seeds. I also had a lot of seedling transplanting to do. The kale, basil, and some perennials are now in larger peat pots with potting soil replacing the seed starting mix they were in. This morning I'll be transplanting the cool weather veggies which are definitely pot bound in those tiny containers. I also have some annual flower seedlings (snapdragons and lobelias) which are ready for transplanting as well.

My studio time will be a continuation of batching glazes for the cone 6 soda, test firing in John Britt's new, soda, test kiln.. I have 29 tiles done so far and have more to go.

Doesn't look like any of our construction crew will be here this morning. One has already canceled and I know two of them live at much higher elevations which got a lot more snow than we have here.

Till later,

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  1. looks like our town, a christmas post card. lol