Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Robin of Spring

Spring is definitely here - the first robin showed up yesterday. The photo isn't great because I had to take it through the bedroom window, lest I frighten him away.

It wound up being too cold and windy to plant yesterday. I also received another plant order - some raspberries, boysenberries and another grape vine. Since they were bare rooted, I had to get them and the elderberries which I was going to plant, temporarily into large pots.They'll have to be content in their temporary home until I shake this bug and the weather warms up a bit.

We took all the seedlings in for the night. It went down to the 20's overnight, so I don't think we'll have an early morel season.

I don't know who feels worse - me with the flu bug or Shanti whose been on antibiotics all week and had another pee accident on our bed last night. :-( I'm beginning to think the problem is not a bladder infection but a result of the Cushing's disease. Poor little guy is 12 years old and fading fast, I'm afraid.

Since I wasn't fit for planting or studio work with this fluish cold/fever, etc, I just tended my indoor seedlings, made breakfast and green smoothies for lunch, re-heated leftovers for dinner and watched a depressing movie "Only in America" while Jim watched the college basketball play off games, and worked on my huge paper pile. We also watched some of the woman's tennis semi-finals from Indian Wells before going to bed.

I'll get in the studio later to file away a lot of these sorted papers, glaze recipes,etc and maybe do a bit more cleanup in there. I'm so behind with studio work but I'm not going to angst over it. I might get around to getting my photo cube set up in the basement and take more pictures of my pottery collection for the blog.

Till later,


  1. I hope that you feel better... the robins are back in Minnesota. It's good to hear birds again!!

  2. Thanks Craig. I just had a 20 minute sea salt soak in my spa tub. I have an antibiotic prescription but I've been putting off taking it, which probably isn't very wise.
    My daughter swears by these vials of tiny white pills from the health food store Oscillaccocineum (not sure of spelling) and I started those last night along with my continued vitamin therapy.
    I hope more robins show up today. That lone one seemed a bit confused that no others were showing up! He kept looking up as if to say "where the heck are the rest of you!". LOL
    We usually get a lot of them in the spring as well as the fall, when they come in droves, feed frantically for a day or so through the fallen leaves and then take off for warmer weather.


  3. today i heard woodpeckers in my backyard this morning before i went to work. and i got more baby roses coming up as well. Now i'm off to the movies To see Miss March it's supposed to be funny.

  4. i just posted my new article about my sculpture. if you get a chance take a gander.