Saturday, March 07, 2009


Here's a luscious yunomi that I bought at a little shop near Mt. Hood in Oregon several years ago. If anyone knows whose work this is, please let me know. I love the buttery quality of the glaze on this piece.
It's a gorgeous, warm morning here. Not that I'm not going to enjoy it; but these overly warm days this early in the season, brings to mind what happened two years ago when a similar warm spell was followed by several days of hard freeze and we didn't get a single piece of fruit from our fruit trees and lost a couple of Japanese maples and some perennials.
Yesterday I woke up feeling awful but by late morning I was feeling better and after lunch I went out and got my hands in the dirt and did some garden cleanup and dug the hole for the apricot tree. The sun and air were healing. They always are for me.
I'll be planting today and got started yesterday on the trench for the asparagus crowns. I did some research on planting them and the new wisdom is to only plant them 5-6 inches deep for better yield. That is going to make my job a lot easier!
Before breakfast I got at least 30-40 trailing lobelia seedlings and some Italian flat leaf parsley transplanted. They're so tiny, but they were so crowded I had to get them out of the seed starter mix into a potting soil mix. I hope they do OK, since I can't find this variety in local garden stores so I usually start my own. My first tomato seedling sprouted two days ago but the rest are taking their time. I put those peat pots in the greenhouse window this morning, hoping the direct, natural light may wake them up!
The painter is coming to finish up the last of the painting this afternoon and she's bringing her daughter to work in the garden with me for a couple of hours. It will be nice to have a bit of help catching up with the garden cleanup and planting.
Well, time to plant that apricot tree and do more garden cleanup before lunch.

Till later,


  1. At first I thought that stamp looked like McKenzie Smith, but I don't know, now. It is a sweet little cup.

    BTW, I've really enjoyed your collection of pots, but haven't had the time to comment on them. I've been busy and all...But thanks. They are thought provoking.

  2. It's not one of McKenzie's. The stamp has some similarity to his but not the same and I'm familiar with his claybodies, at least for the past 5 years or so, and the body on this is lighter and not soda or wood fired.
    I've been enjoying your blog, and like you too busy to comment. Hope the costume came out alright!

  3. i was going to go to the movies tonight because it was so beautiful but Termites ruined my night. so i stayed home spraying and my mother highlighted my hair for me . when the weather gets better my friend is going to give me his jade tree to plant. i'm also thinking getting a banzai tree from chinatown in philly.