Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gay Smith

Here's a nice soda fired vase with Avery flashing slip by my neighbor Gay Smith.

It's a rainy morning; but very mild. This weather will be turning cold tomorrow with some possible snow expected. My cold weather veggie seedlings will have to be brought in for the night until later in the week. Hopefully it will be warming up enough I can plant them soon otherwise they're going to be too pot bound unless I transplant them to bigger pots until the evenings won't turn them into popsicles!

Got some more slips and glazes made and tiles dipped yesterday. Some of the colored slips I was going to use on some porcelains mugs hadn't settled enough for me to pour off the excess water. Hopefully they will be today. I spent part of the day re-figuring some of my cone 10 recipes, like oribe and somebrite for cone 6. Theoretically they should work; but firing will tell.

They ran out of wood for the wood floor in the bathroom and more has to be ordered, so that's a delay since they started the floor at the front which means they can't install the vanity and toilet until the floor is finished!

Since they still had time left I had them make me a potting table for the wood shed, using a double layer of the old, flat, hollow doors. They did a great job of securing it to the wall, so it will be a nice, sturdy table for me to use for re-potting, etc. I am SOOOO ready for spring!

Time to get to work!

Till later,


  1. Will you show me your finished project when it's done?? And don't feel bad Jersey is getting snow up to monday.

  2. Right now we're in the middle of a storm headed our way. Either side of us is going to get more snow than us.
    I doubt I'll take pictures of the project since we're dealing with two small bathrooms. I don't have a wide angle lens to take a proper picture of them.
    I did post pictures of our new master wing last year. It's probably still on this blog if you scroll down enough.

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