Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ruthanne Tudball soda fire bowl

Here's a really sweet, faceted, soda fired bowl from Ruthanne Tudball. My husband bought this for me during a trip to England and Ireland last fall. I'm not sure why she made a saucer for this bowl. When I opened the package I thought he had bought me 2 pots. It almost looks like a small soap dish, which I think it could be used as, with a round bar of soap; but he said that it was a part of the bowl set.

Got my full time in the studio yesterday remixing some slips and decorating some pots. My black decorating slip sinks like a rock and so does my Linda's Yellow slip. And they both settle very fast - too fast - particularly the Lindas Yellow. I mixed up and added some ben a gel to the Lindas yellow; but when I checked it fifteen minutes later it was still settled, but easier to remix. It may be like concrete again this morning! I'll probably add more Ben a Gel today . It's a suspender that I got years ago from Ferro in Canada and I can't find it anymore. Either they've stopped making it or are marketing it under another name. Ruth Gowdy McKinley told me about it in the 70's.. With most glazes 1/4% is enough to keep the glaze well suspended. I only have about 2 cups of it left and I'm hoarding it for the couple of slips and glazes, like White Salt which settle like concrete! I'm going to have to start searching for an alternative suspender that works this well.

The construction crew is here this morning. They got some of the hardware installed in the smaller bath and are going to be putting together the vanity this morning. The tile man is supposed to be here this morning to get started on the tile work around the tub in the larger, upstairs bathroom. We're hoping these bathrooms will be done when our daughter and her husband arrive from Germany around the middle of March.

The Gordon Ramsay Linguini Puttanesca was wonderful last night and we have leftovers for tomorrow. Tonight it's the leftover Mexican, chicken stir fry so I'll just have to make more re-fried beans to go with it. Since I don't have to allow for a lot of dinner prep time, I'll be able to get my 6 hours of studio time. There are still more pots to trim, wax and slip, pots to decorate, and some handles to pull.

It was snowing earlier but the sun is coming out now and it's pretty breezy out there.. I put my broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprout starts on the front porch this morning but I'll have to bring them in at night for the next several nights which are going to be quite cold. I probably should have waited a week or two before buying them. If I get time tonight I'll re-pot them along with some of my other seedlings which are now big enough to go into larger peat pots.

Time for morning vitamins and some extra C for this cold that has come back , then head for the studio.

Till later,


  1. shuUUUUt UP!!!! your kidding Tell him he's So lucky. I'm watching right now. And I think Ramsey Should get rid of giovoni! He screwwd them steaks Up BIG TIME!! PS Your Bowl Looks Very Pretty. and your husband and i havealoot in common, I am also born and raised in Camden,NJ ask him what part of Camden was he from??

  2. His family lived in Cramer(Kramer?) Hill. They moved from Camden when he was a baby.