Saturday, February 07, 2009

Linda McFarling Bowl

Here's another lovely, large bowl by Linda McFarling. Linda does both soda and salt firing. My soda kiln is pretty much based on her kiln design. Both are Shane Mickey designed and built, cross drafts with a firebox so we can augment the firings with wood.

The past two days I've been dealing with cold and flu symptoms as well as a house full of painters, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. They started tearing out the tiles from the full bath yesterday and they're about 80% done with the 3/4 bath which is only a partial redo. Monday they start hauling all the old fixtures from the full bath out of the upstairs windows and into the truck for the land fill.

We have to get to Asheville Monday in search of tiles and a vanity. We were supposed to do that a couple of days ago but I came down with whatever this latest bug is and was not in any shape to go anywhere. A friend had this and said it only lasted 2 days, so I should be fine tomorrow.

The past few days I did at least get a lot of seeds started,and caught up with the mail and magazines pile. The lettuce I started has already sprouted. Each morning I do a quick look to see if anything else has come up. I haven't checked the basement seeds yet, but no new ones are up in the kitchen.

This afternoon we're going to get out with the dogs for a drive up to Roan Mountain and walk among the pines and rhododendrons if it's not too cold or windy. It's supposed to be in the low 60's here; but it will be colder up there in that 6,000 or so elevation.

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