Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruggles and Rankin wood soda fired jar

Here's a charming little jar by Ruggles and Rankin who had their Rock Creek Pottery here until this past year when they moved to New Mexico.

Studio work was delayed till noon yesterday due to more meetings with the contractor. They are going to remedy the recessed area for shampoo, soap, etc in the tub area, which entails removing several tiles. So Jim has to drive to Asheville and get more tiles and I'll stay home and get in a full day in the studio.

I worked till 5:30 yesterday to make up a bit for lost time. After dinner I went through a few rubbermaid storage containers of cone 6 glaze, test batches,that I had Jim bring up from the basement. I had to check them against the recipes to see which may be likely candidates to test in the soda kiln.

Today I'll finish trimming and marking the Loafers Glory test tiles, get handles on some porcelains mugs and hopefully have time to batch some cone 6 glazes for the soda test fire.

The crew have all arrived. Some will be in the garage staining the new doors, and the other group are here to sand down and spray new texture on the larger, upstairs bathroom. Hopefully I'll be able to get in the studio my regular time without any more long meetings about these construction projects!So far, so good. Time to make breakfast and get to work.

Till later,


  1. Checkout my last blog you'll get a kick out of it. How long have you been doing pottery?

  2. I've been doing pottery for 36 years.

    Right now I don't have much time to even check out some of my favorit blogs - wish I did! I'm in the middle of this construction project, dealing with my seedlings, cooking meals and trying to catch as much studio time as possible, when I can.

  3. your about as busy as i am.