Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cathi Jefferson Salt glazed cup

We bought this Cathi Jefferson salt glazed cup on a visit to Victoria, B.C., Canada some years ago. The buttery finish on her porcelain body is a terra sig slip - very lovely work!

Finally got a full day in the studio-- threw about 50 or so porcelain test tiles and some porcelain mugs. I found an unused piece of granite slab which was leftover from our kitchen remodel and Jim and I carted it into the studio. Actually, we tried to carry it, but my new titanium hip isn't happy with me carrying anything over 25 lbs and that granite was a lot more than 50lbs. Jim retrieved a cart from the wood shed and brought it in the rest of the wayt and then we both lifted it up on to the table. It's now serving as a wedging surface for porcelain.

I have a double sectioned plaster wedging table which I use for the two stoneware bodies I've been using the past 4 years and I thought it was good to keep the porcelain separate. These tiles are just for the Cone 6 soda firing John Britt and I want to play around with; but porcelain is something I rarely work with these days.

Today I'll trim and mark those tiles, trim the pots and pull handles and make a bunch of Phoenix test tiles. It amazes me how quickly 6 hours of studio time flies!

After dinner I've been doing studio related glaze research for this cone 6 soda project - looking through my recipes and re-figuring some cone 10 recipes with my glaze software to get them down to cone 6.

We've got leftovers for tonight so I'll be able to work till around 5:30, have dinner and get on with the glaze work while watching the Academy Awards which are always lightweight fun.

Till later,

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  1. boy that's like My Ex boy friend and i trying to pick up my entertainment center for my living room and picking up a 700 pound woman literly (and it was no fun at all).