Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Suze Lindsay salt glaze slab dish

Here's the last of my Suze Lindsay pots. It's a lovely slab piece that I use often. The size is just right for pickle, olives, veggies for dipping, etc.

Yesterday was spent shopping for the new bathrooms and having a big lunch at "Fatz". Lowes hardware had the missing shade for the guest bedroom and the shades are now installed and look great. They were out of the tissue holder to match the towel bars we bought, so we'll have to make another trip to get it. It will have to wait till next week or when this cold/rain/snow/sleet weather breaks. Going down or over these winding mountain roads is not something we care to do in this kind of weather.

I was hoping to get in the studio after breakfast but the plumber showed up at 8:30am, turned off the water while I was a making breakfast. It's 11am and the water is still off! They carpenters are removing a partition wall in the larger bathroom this morning and reinforcing the support beam above. Our contractor put the tile installer off a day, figuring the plumber might not be finished - good call!

It's all coming along nicely; but it's definitely digging into my work time! I've been using what little spare time after construction chores to cook and take care of seedlings. I planted a few more seeds yesterday and transplanted some red sage seedling and will be doing more tonight. It's nice to see all those tiny green seedling coming up. This morning one yellow echinacea seed came to life! I bought some organic potting soil yesterday and will be transplanting more of these seedlings as soon as they're big enough.

We had to drive to the Lowes in Marion for those bathroom accessories and I swear I saw daffodils blooming when we got down the hill! I bought some 6-9 packs of broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage. Tonight I'll transplant them to bigger big peat pots. It was raining and sleeting this morning and snow is expected tonight. We're expecting more of the same the rest of this week with some 20 degree night time temperatures, so I'll have to put those veggie starters out during the day and bring them into the mud room at night until the weather is good enough to get them in the ground.

Just found out that the water is back on so I'm heading out to the studio. I'll be able to get in my 6 hours of studio time. Dinner is going to be an easy linguini Putanesca with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, anchovies, etc.. It's a Gordon Ramsay recipe I got from his web site the other day which I'm eager to try it.

Till later,


  1. Ramsey is the man i love his show hell's kitchen. You watch???

  2. Ramsay is one of my son's clients which is why we watched it and now we're hooked.
    His pasta putanesca was great and didn't take long to make. It's definitely a "keeper" recipe!