Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Suze Lindsay Cup

Here's another pot from my collection - a Suze Lindsay, salt glazed, large cup.

The crew arrived this morning with the new tub and toilet. Today was going to be a studio day but after looking at the weeks weather forecast (snow/rain/cold for the next 4 days), we changed our plans and instead, will be heading down the mountain to Lowe's hardware in Marion to see if they have the missing shade we need as well as more hardware for the bathrooms. We'll have our big meal of the day at Fatz (Jim likes their shrimp and grits), and just cook some popcorn or a small, doctored, frozen pizza for dinner.

Yesterday wound up flying by way too fast. I got involved with my seedlings,dinner prep which took much longer than I thought, small appliance repair, etc., and I never did find any time for the studio; but we had a great Mexican dinner and there was enough leftover margarita mix from our margarita madness party so we could each have a double margarita. We had no trouble sleeping last night! :-)

Time to water my seedlings, check in with the construction crew, have some breakfast and get on the road!

Till later,


  1. Send Some of them drinks over to jersey, i could use one sister! LOL

  2. Look at my earlier post. I listed my margarita recipe. Enjoy!