Friday, February 27, 2009

Pit fired mystery Pot

Here's another piece from my collection. I purchased this in the late 70's or early 80's during a fundraiser in Southern California. The maker is unknown (there's an indistinguishable mark at the base)and it appears to have been pit fired. I love the organic nature of this pot. If anyone recognizes this pot I'd love to know the name of the maker.

Got studio time in yesterday and got more slips mixed and dipped 17 tiles for the cone 6 soda firing. Today I'll batch some glazes and mix and dip a few more slips. I also mixed up some colored slips to use on a couple of porcelain mugs for our daugher and her husband. These slips hadn't been used for several years so it was a chore getting them mixed and I added too much water so they're sitting until I can pour off the excess and decorate those mugs.

Studio time was a bit shortened since I decided to make dinner in the morning so I could work till after 5. I did go back to the studio for a bit after dinner, but just to do some cleanup and get some glaze notebooks to go through while we watched TV. I made a list of slips and glazes - some of which I'm hoping to batch today and checked some recipes out using my glass chem software. I'm amazed at how many cone 9-10 recipes are actually too low in alumina and silica for cone 10; but are within those limits for cone 6.

At 8am this morning, I was in the studio packing up a broken trim tool I need to have Jim mail for me today. It's raining lightly but very balmy out there. Yesterday was an incredible, warm sunny day. Wish I could have spared time for the garden, but there's been too little studio time lately and that had to take precedence.

By 8:30 this morning we had the whole crew here starting work. The tile man will be here later. He only needs a half hour to grout the new recessed tiles area in the wall above the tub. The painter is here doing the bathroom and the two carpenters are here putting up the rest of the doors. As soon as the bathroom is painted and the tile is grouted, they'll be able to start installing the wood floor. Things are going along really fast now and I'm feeling very encouraged that this project will be completed by the end of next week!

This will be a full studio day. I have leftover beans for dinner and just have to make some cornbread which I'm going to get to right now!

Till later,


  1. how do you make your cornbread?

  2. When I have time I use a Southern Corn bread recipe I found on the Internet and when I don't have time, like yesterday, I just use a mix. I melt some bacon fat in an 8" iron skillet and then put it in the hot over for 8 minutes and add the batter and bake. Unfortunately, yesterday I forgot to add the bacon fat and I thought I'd have a mess on my hands; but using a firm, narrow tool, I had no trouble releasing the bread, which amazed me! It's good to know I cana cut down on the fat if I want!