Wednesday, February 25, 2009

McKenzie Smith Soda fired jar

This is a beautiful example of my friend, McKenzie Smith's work. It's a thrown and altered jar. I'm always amazed at how he can continually find the perfect decoration on any form and rarely seems to repeat his designs!

Yesterday was another of those bust studio days. There was a crew of 5 here most of the day working on dry wall and door staining. The water pipes in the studio were frozen, so I kept busy in the house and when I checked again after lunch, there was water, but the smell in the studio was so bad I couldn't work in there. They had opened the studio door into the garage to get some heat into the garage for the staining and the smell was so bad, that there was no way I was going to work in there. An apricot tree arrived so I got that into a large pot and if it gets as warm as expected, I'll try to get it planted this afternoon. Since the studio was not an option, I used my time to make a nice steak dinner and work on going through my glaze books in search of more cone 6 recipes that might work in soda.

Today they're going to be putting a coat of polyurethane on the doors; but it's supposed to be around 60F today so maybe they won't have to open the studio door and I can get to work. I am so sick of this construction right now. On one hand I'm thrilled that we're updating those bathrooms and replacing all those flat, hollow doors; but on the other hand it's greatly eating up my studio time.

If all goes well I'll work till around 4:30. I'm making beans and cornbread for dinner and I've soaked the beans overnight so they'll cook pretty fast and I'll make the cornbread after breakfast.

Till later,


  1. wow unique. My sister made an ashtray with a dragonfly. very cute if i had a picture i'd show you. You do great work for 36 years. I'm trying for culinary arts soon. I love to cook different kinds of foods, right now i'm starting off with the basics.

  2. I own one of his jars that is similar. I had the pleasure of taking his class on brush making, decoration and altering thrown works. He is really a great teacher and a very nice guy.