Sunday, February 15, 2009

Linda McFarling Cruet

Here's a lovely cruet by Linda McFarling another area potter who fires Soda or Salt.

We're moving slowly this morning after last night's margarita madness party. I never got into the studio yesterday other than a quick check on the drying pots. House tidying and food prep took up most of the day; but I will get some time in today after I tend my seedlings.

One of my favorite movies, "The Horse's Mouth" starring Alec Guinness is coming on at 11 am one channel 51 of our Charter cable Company. It's about this somewhat mad and eccentric artist - a movie I think anyone can enjoy, particularly artists!

Till later,


  1. Another great pot! You must have a separate house just to store them in. Have you read the other Joyce Cary books of that trilogy, or my favorite "Mister Johnson"

  2. We do have pots all over the place, with the heaviest grouping in the living and dining rooms.
    No I haven't read those other Joyce Cary books. I'll make a note of it. I'm way behind my reading these days.
    I just ordered some books from Amazon by Eric Hoffer, the long shoreman philosopher. It's been years since I read a couple of his books in the 60's and I thought it was time to visit them again.