Saturday, February 14, 2009

Terri Gess Mug

This salt glazed mug is by another local potter Terri Gess.

I got in some good studio time yesterday and will get back in for a few hours after lunch. This morning was spent taking more photos for the blog because I'm moving my photo setup up down to the basement this morning. It will be nice to have my dining room table back!

Friends are coming over tonight for guacamole, nachos and margaritas, so I'll get a lot of my making done before I head for the studio so I'll be able to work till around 5:30.

I've been told I make great margaritas, so here's my recipe is anyone want to try it.

For 1 margarita:

1 1/2 oz Cuervo gold tequila
1 ounce fresh squeeze lemon juice (meyer lemons are the best if you can get them)
3/4 oz curacao
2 -3 heaping teaspoons of sugar (amount of sugar depends on the quality of the juice and personal taste). I like them sweet, so I usually add enough sugar to the batch to get it to taste sweet before I mix it with the ice. I usually mix, then taste again and add more sugar if I feel it needs it.
crushed ice.

I use a Vita mix blender but any good blender should do fine. I put the liquid in and cover with crushed ice and blend and keep adding ice if needed to get a thick mix, but not enough ice to where it stops blending.



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