Friday, February 20, 2009

Josh Copus Hakeme bowl

This bowl by Josh Copus is a lovely example of Hakeme brush work.

Yesterday was a busy studio day, with some morning time for transplanting some seedlings and planting a few more seeds. It was also a day with contractors working all over the house. The tile man got the tiles up in the upstairs bathroom and repaired a tile in the master bath. Today he'll do the grouting. The carpenters put together the granite topped vanity and it looks great. There's still wood flooring to install in there and drywall repair and painting to do

I'll be back in the studio this morning after breakfast and checking my seedlings. It was 15F this morning when we took the dogs out for their morning walk. Fortunately the studio water pipes didn't freeze overnight so I won't have to wait for them to thaw.

It should be a full studio day till around 4:30. Dinner is going to be simple - braunschweiger sausage, boiled parsley potatoes and spinach.

I spent last night going through glaze recipes I've collected for 36 years. There are over ten thousand recipes so this will take a while! John Britt and I want to explore cone 6 soda firing, so I'm going through those glazes looking for some I think would work so we can do a firing in his new, small, soda test kiln in the next few months. First I need to get enough pots made for a firing before the TRAC tour late spring; but I'm hoping to batch some of these tests in between.

If anyone reading this blog has any cone 6 soda recipes to share we'd really appreciate it!

Till later,


  1. thank god your not herein jersey It's cooooold and windy out here and we are getting snow showers on Sunday. Speaking of cooking you should try an Organic 3 cheese spaghetti Bake. I've made it one for my family and they tore it up!

  2. I've often make baked ziti with ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan. It's a nice vegetarian dish, along with a green salad. My husband isn't thrilled with ziti, so I don't make it very often. I don't know why, but he doesn't like what he calls "thick pastas", yet he's fine with linguini and fettucini, and orechette.

  3. i like mine with salad too but i eat it with or without meat. I used t make it for my ex.light on the sauce or no sauce and no Mushrooms (he's highly allergic it will kill him) so when i make certin foods for people, i make sure i ask them what type of stuff they don't like and i won't put it in their food. PS. Check out my first blog. your more than welcome to join.

  4. I love mushrooms - can't wait for April/May when I can go hunting for Morels on our property! Last spring I sent our daughter and her husband, who were visiting, out to search for some and they found some less than 100 feet from our front door. I had just had hip replacement surgery so I was in no shape to join her; but this year I'll be ready to go!
    In the winter when I'm not outdoors as much, I use them a lot since they're a good source of Vitamin D. I have a vegetarian curried mushroom, cheese puff (gougere?) recipe which we like a lot. In fact, it's about time I made it again!
    PS: you didn't post your blog address!

  5. ho shoot i forgot about that.