Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cynthia Bringle bud vase

Here's a tiny, porcelain, bud vase by another wonderful Penland potter, Cynthia Bringle. I bought this in the early 80's while attending her workshop at the Clay House in Santa Monica, California.

When I awoke yesterday I was muscle sore from all the digging the day before, so I decided to hold off studio time and make dinner after breakfast (corn bread and beans). After that I got my 6 hours time in the studio. It was nice to come in from the studio and just have to reheat the beans, sit down and eat and get another hour in the studio after dinner.

The stone crew didn't show because of the rain and I was relieved that was a relief. It gave me a reprieve from having to dig up some grapevines. I thought I'd get that done this afternoon but the weather forecast was wrong and it's raining again! So, I get another digging reprieve from mother nature which is fine since I have a bunch of pots that need handles, trimming, waxing, etc. and I'd like to throw some pots after lunch.

I have a lot of reclaimed clay that's been sitting a couple of months and I'm hoping it's firmed up enough to use. I'm determined to not buy any more fresh clay until I use this clay. There's another batch in the clay mixer that I have to finish mixing today. There's always one more studio chore waiting.

We stayed up later than usual to watch the Roddick Federer tennis match and then Bodhi, our Jack Russel terrier woke us at 1:40am, needing to go out. Jim took pity on me, got dressed and took him for a walk. Seems the little guy had a bit of a tummy ache. He's on medication for colitis and I think this may be a side effect of the medicine. In any case we were able to get back to sleep without too much trouble but I'm still feeing like I need that second cup of tea to get me going this morning.

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  1. My family and i just got done raking leaves so far my mother and the rest of the family will finish Saturday when i'm at work. Right now i'm watching Driving Miss Daisy so far it's a really good movie. And i'm going to have my Thursday night Hot Wings w/ranch dressing.