Sunday, April 05, 2009

Soda fired pitcher by Jason Lactara

Here's a really nice soda fired pitcher by Jason Lactara, a young, talented potter from Florida. It's decorated with flashing and black slips with white salt liner. It's one of my kitchen spoon storage pieces. Good pots should be used! \

The North Carolina tarheels won last night. Jim is a huge basketball fan (in his youth he was a good enough player to be offered college scholarships; but turned those down to go to the University of Pennsylvania instead). It was a late night, but worth it. Monday they play Michigan state for the championship. Go tarheels!

Yesterday I got a later studio start and took some more photos of my pottery collection for the blog; but I still got my full studio day in by working another hour or so after dinner. I did some throwing with the way too soft reclaim clay and finished up a few other pots - trimming, handles, etc. That clay is sticky to wedge, but oh so easy to center and throw low wide bowls and plates. I can't throw it as thin so I'll have to spend more time trimming; but I'm determined to use up all this reclaim before I buy or make any new clay.

I never did get any gardening working done but I did take quick peek to see if any morels had shown up in one of the usual spots - but none were to be seen. The nights are still too cool; and with snow predicted a few days from now, it looks like it will be another couple of weeks before we see any.

After our bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese Sunday breakfast, I'll be back to the studio for more throwing. I covered some of the things I threw yesterday so I'll probably get out there before breakfast to uncover them and maybe they'll be ready to trim later today.

It's going to be in the mid 70's so I will definitely try to get at least an hour in the garden after lunch to get some sun and plant a few perennials.

Till later,

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  1. Today was a beautiful day. I was so busy with UTA Weekend before easter i came home and took a nap. Yesterday was so windy, my family and i had a hard time with raking the leaves. I had to get them done before the Township finds me, and yes they will find you if you don't keep your yard in order. The pitchre looks cute it almost looks like one of your pieces you did.