Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunset from the Blue Ridge Parkway

Here's a picture I took from the Blue Ridge parkway last year. For some reason it seemed like an appropriate picture for today.

Yesterday was spent just doing email and my blog, cleaning the studio, visiting with my friend McKenzie, and making some mushroom bisque for dinner. I was exhausted last night. That cleaning was super donkey work, but my large studio floor is well swept and mopped. I got a lot of other things wipes down and put away but there's a great deal more organizing to do that will have to wait until after the TRAC tour early June. Right now there are things to plant, which is what I'm going to do as soon as I peel my dinner potatoes and asparagus and get the lamb roast seasoned and ready for the oven. We had a big Polish, Easter breakfast, so I think I'll just grab some almonds for lunch.

Last night was ripe for vegging out, watching some Brit coms and then retiring to watch Sherlock Holmes in bed. Jim made it through but I was asleep about half way through.

I've already had a quick peek at the garden this morning and was happy to see my Japanese quince blooming. The red primroses have been blooming a few days as well. With the warmer weather and more rain expected this week, I expect the garden to come into greater life pretty quickly.

Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Easter day. Our grand children, like some many others today, are enjoy getting sugared out from all the Easter bunny gifts!


  1. That's a beautiful sunset. No more Sugar for me the ham did it for me.

  2. Hey June,
    Your site and comments have been a real help to me over the time I have been blogging and, as a way of saying "thank you" I have picked your blog for the Kreative Blogger award. Please check my blog for the rules: