Monday, April 06, 2009

Beautiful platter

Here's an exquisite piece. This large platter is quite thin so I shot it on the wall instead of trying to set it up on it's rim in the easy cube. This is another piece that was purchased at that lovely craft show in Melbourne, Florida several years ago. Unfortunately, the signature is undecipherable, so I can't give credit to the maker.

Yesterday was a full studio day with a one hour gardening break in the late afternoon. I got one perennial planted and did some weeding and clearing gravel out of one of the beds which I extended in the driveway. It's going to take a while to remove all those rocks!

I was hoping to do more planting but we're expecting two nights of freezing temperatures, and snow, so I'll be bringing a lot of those plants in for the next two nights. I hope this is the last such cold spell for the season.

We had the idea of going out for dinner but the golf course restaurant wasn't open, so Jim went out and got some Kentucky fried chicken, so I didn't have to stop working to make dinner.

After dinner I went back to the studio and worked till almost 9pm. I'm tired and sore this morning, so I'm going to vegg out and catch up with some email. I have two orders that haven't arrived and are well overdue, so I need to make some phone calls to find out why these things haven't arrived.

I'll be in the studio all afternoon finishing up some pots and maybe throwing a few more things. I'm just going to make some hot dogs and beans for a quick and easy dinner instead of the Tuscan bean soup I was planning. I'll make it tomorrow instead. It will make a hearty supper for the expected cold, snowy weather.

Till later,


  1. That has giving me an idea pea soup with ham. You super genious you!! LOL I had KFC Last week And SubWay for dinner today.

  2. I love pea soup and it's great with croutons. I have a recipe for a spicy, Indian, pea soup which is really good. We haven't had that for a long while.
    This morning I'm going to make the Tuscan Bean soup which has white beans, kale, potatoes, etc. It should be nice for this cold day.