Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ancient photo of me at the wheel

Here's an ancient picture of me, taken at a Karen Karnes workshop in Davenport California in the early 80's. I'm out of photos for the blog, so I'm having to dig through these ancient photos. Hopefully I'll get time next week to photograph some more pots from my collection.

Yesterday was another intense garden day. I planted four roses, a couple of perennials, pruned all but one rose, did a lot of weeding, moved a lot of seedlings outdoors and planted two large outdoor planters and one hanging planter. Jim moved all my studio, tropical plants outdoors and I got some re-potted with new soil and new plants. When I dumped the soil out of two of the pots, I found sweet potatoes growing! I don't remember planting sweet potatoes in a flower pot - too funny! I harvested the larger ones and put the the vines with young potatoes back in another big pot. Maybe this is the way to grow sweet potatoes. Who knew! LOL

After two heavy duty planting days, today I'm going to ease up and maybe just plant a couple of shade plants and then get some studio time in this afternoon.

One of my San Francisco sourdough starters is ready today. I've been feeding it for three days and it's looking and smelling pretty ripe. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at making some sourdough bread this week.

Ron Slagle and his wife have invited us over for his home made pizza tonight. Ron's been working on perfecting his pizza making for a while now and I understand he's a fabulous cook. So this is going to be a great treat! I'm going to bring him some of this San Francisco starter to try.

Time to think about breakfast and get on with my work day. There are seedlings and more over wintering plants to move outdoors, hand watering and a bit of planting to do before I head to the studio. Jim just spotted the first hummingbird of the season so I need to get the hummingbird feeder filled and hung this morning.

Till later,


  1. nice picture you look like that lady from hee haw kathy baker LOL. Is that jim in the background? or did he took the picture?

  2. My work day was tiring 200 retirees and unit 514 until 2pm, then i drove all the way to trenton to drop of a friend to the bus station. And now i feel drained. I wish i had your skills. Wanna trade ? LOL :)

  3. No, that was another potter at the workshop taking the photo. And not trade, unless you're willing to take all the aches and pains in this 69 year old body! LOL

  4. look at that smile... that's what sitting at the wheel does