Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jim Romberg stoneware mug

Here's a stoneware mug by Oregon potter Jim Romberg who's more known for his wonderful Raku pieces. He teaches at the University of Oregon in Ashland, Oregon. I purchased this from him at one of his at home sales in the 90's, when we were living there.

Yesterday was a busy day. I got some trimming and throwing in, did a bit more studio organizing,and after dinner I went back in to cover pots and got my wheel, tools and wedging table cleaned. There's still a lot more studio organzing to do; but right now it's more important to get pots made in between the garden chores, preparing meals,etc. After next months firing I intend to do a major reorganization of that space.

My friend McKenzie Smith has been teaching an intensive at Penland and is getting ready to head back home to Florida but is coming over here for a visit after lunch. He's never seen this house and studio, so I want to get into the studio this morning after I tend to my seedlings, and at least get the floor swept and mopped.

We had rain and thunderstorms throughout the day, so I didn't get in any gardening time. Fortunately, we didn't get the hail that was predicted. A couple of late sprouting tomato seeds popped up yesterday - at least two weeks after they were planted! They sure took their time!

If I get some time after McKenzie leaves, I think I'll get out and quickly plant some peas and beets and leave the potato planting for tomorrow. Hopefully by then the soil will have dried out a bit after this rain.

My special flour order and other sourdough starter from King Arthur flour arrived yesterday so I'll try to get that starter going after dinner. I got one bag of a special blend of the types of wheat that are used in that wonderful, heavy, European breads. Home made sourdough bread and pizza aren't too far away!

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  1. Yumm Hurry i'm getting hungry. LOL Right now i'm fixing ham for easter tomorrow. It's almost done it will be ready in a minute and i won't have to do it in the morning when i go to work from 8 am. until 4pm.