Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hawaii Big Island

Here's another photo of the Big Island in Hawaii. This was on the other side of the island from our hotel. The view is spectacular, and to the right of this view, is another great view of a canyon.

Yesterday was a great day for a plant fix. Two of my friends and I got to the wholesale nursery only to find that it's closed on Monday and Tuesday. My friend Laura got on her cell phone and called them, did a great whine about how long it took us to get there, and they took pity on us, opened the gate and off shopping we went. The place is huge and we managed to fill 95% of the back of Laura's Explorer; but since they didn't have some of the plants we were looking for we headed for Lowe's hardware where we all found the plants we wanted, plus some paint Laura needed and more grow lights for me. At this point the car was stuffed to the brim - plants everywhere! Fortunately the rain didn't come until we were on our way home and by the time we got up the mountain the rain had stopped.

When we got back to Bakersville,transferred all those plants to our other cars, I drove home, and unloaded. It was windy, cool and damp -not looking or feeling like a time to plant plant potatoes so I took a short computer break, and hoping it would warm up a bit,and then went out and planted some beets which only took a few minutes.Then I re-planted some of the seeds like serrano chiles and some cosmos that never sprouted.

No sooner did I finish that, when Jim called from downstairs to say that my new Dell XPS laptop just arrived. So I uncrated the two boxes from Dell and set up the computer to make sure it worked and started dinner.

The new laptop case is really cool and there's a nice, mini, digital screen just above the keyboard that flashes a clock, date, then cpu and ram information, and countdown and stopwatch numbers (I'm not sure what you do with those!)

Now I have to figure out why the wireless mouse and keyboard aren't working, as well as figuring out Vista, which seems like a total mystery to me! I need to get an idiots guide for Vista, for sure! This laptop has blue tooth and that has something to do with the mouse keyboard setup but the instructions don't bring up the button the book says it should point to, so a call to Dell is probably on the morning schedule. I've paid extra for 30 days of calls and I will definitely use it! The color on the new computer is a bit faded looking so I need to figure out how to get the color as intense as it is on my desktop.

I'll play with this laptop until after breakfast at which time I need to get into the studio and see if some of the pots I uncovered earlier are ready for assembling, trimming, etc.

There are also a lot of software and documents to load on this new laptop. This is not going to be a one day project for sure!

Late afternoon I'll head for Johnson City to get myself an idiots guide to Vista, do some food shopping at Sams club and make another stop at Home Depot for a couple of things. Tomorrow is going to be sunny and in the high 70's so I'm planning on using the whole day to just plant. Showers are forecast for part of the weekend so that will give me some full studio days.

Till later,


  1. congrats on the laptop and sorry on your cosmos. Mine is slowly coming up and i have a few new baby roses coming up. And that picture of the big island looks so beautiful a friend of mine recently went to Hawaii this year and she said it was breath taking. our area is supposed to be in the 80's and i have to work indoors until 4pm then i have to take a clients daughter to the airport.

  2. Twitter is like the equivalient of blogging on facebook and my space. when you have time go on this web site and it will tell you more i have my own site. and they also have a video on how to do it. Believe me it took me a 100 years to figure this out. LOL.

  3. Right now I just don't have any time to play around with Twitter. I have so much planting to do and pots to make and other things going. Maybe later in the summer I can check it out.