Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blooming Azalea

This spectacular azalea sits in the middle of our driveway. The true color isn't showing. It's actually, a brilliant magenta. The tree filled with white blossoms,in the distance is an old apple tree. It looks like it's going to give us a bumper crop this year.

Since I'm still working with all that reclaim I decided to throw some plates and more larger bowls, etc. yesterday. My Soldner clay mixer went kaput again last night even though I have very clay left in there. It suddenly smelled like something was burning, so I shut it off and got back to finish the pot I was throwing. I'm going to have to get out the instruction manual and see if I can rectify the problem.

I got about a half an hour of garden time yesterday - just hand watering some of the newly planted perennials and picking a handful of weeds. I was going to cut some asparagus but decided it will be better if I waited till today to get a bit more growth out of them since I'm counting on them for tonight's dinner.

This morning I was in the studio before 7am checking on yesterday pots. They're still too wet to trim, but they were firmed up enough to be inverted and hopefully they'll be dry enough later this afternoon or tonight, for trimming. I also cleared one half of my slab roller which was covered in test tiles. When I get back from Spruce Pine, I need to clear the other half because I need to roll out some slabs for some sushi plates and for the base of an oval tray I threw yesterday.

We have to take Bodhi, our Jack Russell terrier, in for his spring grooming later this morning and that takes three hours. So rather than coming back home for couple of hours, we'll stay in town, have lunch, stop by TRAC and pick up the tour signs which should be ready and do some shopping before picking him up at the groomers.

If we get home early enough I should get an hour of studio time to roll out those slabs before I have to start dinner and maybe get some trimming done after dinner.

Till later,


  1. wow... i have one that's the same color but nearly so massive, must be spectacular in person

  2. It would have been even more spectacular; but I pruned it heavily last season.

  3. they are very pretty. do you have lilly of the valley Too? My house roses has 3 more that bloomed. and 2 more are about to bloom.

  4. Yes, I have some lily of the valley that I got from a friend 2 years ago.They're very sweet plants.
    None of my roses are blooming yet. It's still a bit too early for them in these mountains.

  5. Yeah the one i have outside haven't started yet either. Did you get the new King Arthur Catalog in the mail yet they have some great stuff that i can order like the chocolate lava cake i want to try to make.

  6. I don't think I got a catalog from them; butr they have been emailing me special offers, etc. I ordered flousr and starters and a few other baking items from them directly from their website.