Friday, April 03, 2009

Tom Clarkson ash glazed jar

Here's a really beautiful and impressive ash glazed jar by Tom Clarkson of Virginia. We purchased this in the late 70's at a wonderful craft show in New York.

Yesterday's rain gave me a digging/planting reprieve and I got a full day in the studio. The reclaim clay was still way too soft for some forms but fine for some small bowls and low, wide bowls. I got a full day in before it was time to clean up and get to friends for dinner.

I'll get some studio time this morning but then we're heading to Asheville to do a Sam's Club, Lowe's hardware,and Earthfare run for some grocery shopping. We'll have our big meal of the day at lunch and probably just pick up some sushi for a light supper, unless Sam's Club has clams. If they do, then it will be clams steamed in white wine, parsley, red pepper flakes and lots of garlic for dinner.

Well, time for breakfast and an early studio start this morning. I have to get handles on a couple of pots, clean up and wax some pots and maybe do some trimming of the pots that were still not dry enough yesterday.

Till later,


  1. Tom Clarkson's jar is spectacular; you have such a wonderful collection of pottery. Thanks for sharing them here.

  2. How do you trim them??

  3. Glad you're enjoying the photos. I have to get more of my collection photographed in the next few days.

  4. There are special trim tools for that purpose.