Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Iris to bloom!

Here's the first Iris this spring. This is one of my two rebloomers. There's another bed of standard irises which are looking like they'll be opening soon as well.

Yesterday was pretty much a "no studio" day other than trimming a couple of bowls after dinner. After an osteopathic treatment I'm too sore to plant or throw pots and anyway, there wasn't time. After the doctors we stopped for a big lunch followed by a Walmart run for some household items, but mainly for 12 bags of mulch which is all we can fit in our car. And of course I bought a couple of other things to plant - a pretty lavendar and white dahlia,and a veggie pack of banana peppers to replace my normal frying peppers, Corno de Toro, which did not sprout for me. I really like them so I may such try to replant some.

By the time we got home, unloaded the car, put everything away, it was time to start supper which was just some tomato bruchetta on olive oil and garlic infused, toasted sour dough - perfect after a big lunch.

Got the last of the two sourdough starters finished yesterday. That one was called North West sour dough and doesn't have quite as sour an odor as the San Francisco sour dough that was finished a couple of days before. It will be interesting to test them in bread recipes to see the flavor difference. I don't think I'll have time to make bread this week since there's just way too much to do; but maybe I can squeeze it in somewhere, since I'm really eager to try my hand at making a San Francisco style sour dough bread. Tomorrow is out since our dog Bodhi has to go in for his spring hair cut which takes 4 hours of our day, so we'll stay in town, have lunch and pick up more mulch and do some other grocery shopping until we can pick him up. If the weather is ok by the time we get home I'll probably put down some of that mulch, since the weeds seem to be very aggressive with all the rain and heat we've been getting. No sooner do I weed an area, than the little suckers are coming right back!

Today is going to be a full studio day after I do a bit of hand watering of things I planted this week and check if some more asparagus are ready for cutting. Jim is taking over the hand watering on the potted plants for me which is a nice time saver. The garden is starting to shape up with more and more perennials emerging.

I'll be struggling with that too soft reclaim clay today and probably just throwing some low wide bowls and plates. I'll probably make a bunch of clay bridges and hope that they'll firm up enough today or tomorrow so I can make something other than bowls and mugs. I already have plenty for this firing.

Till later,


  1. i have to weed around my lillies tonight. and Have Salmon for dinner tonight.

  2. We also had salmon tonight. I won't be able to get back to weeding until the weekend - too much studio work to do.